Homeschool Reason # 395: Learning Happens

It’s Monday.

Today is also the tax deadline day and I’ve barely made a dent.

I also have a client awaiting my recommendation on their bathroom overhaul.    All my other due dates are a week or two out, but this one is pressing on the back of my brain.

OH!  And I’ve got these children to teach.

Seems like the perfect makings of a Funday Monday!

Actually, the boys requested it and I agreed, more for my own necessity than their desire to do get out the paints, make some things for their Dad’s birthday tomorrow, and play outside.

Whatever.  It works for me!

Well, after an hour or so, I overheard Caleb chatting about The Pinocchians (as in the wooden puppet), and then a bunch of giggles.  I heard Gabe say, “No Caleb, you mean the The Phoenicians.”  I pulled myself away from my reco, peeked around the corner and saw this:

Yes, my boys were doing a history lesson!  All on their own!  After I told them they could take the day off from their bookwork, and just have the morning to make crafts and play!

Sure, there are times when bookwork feels like a task to them.  But then there are other days when they just want to fill their brains.  I LOVE the flexibilty of homeschooling.   You see, learning happens as we live.  It’s not like we only learn at a set time of day, and a set day of the week.

They learn when they are open to learning.

Apparently that means today.

Funday Monday!

Have a fantastic week, everyone!