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Today in Nova Scotia, it may be cold and rainy and grey, but the gratitude comes in the knowledge that ground is being prepped and nourished for spring planting in just a few weeks.

Before we know it, we will have days like this:



Buckets, sand, and summer frolic, coming soon to a beach near you.

Blessings on your day, friends.


What School Looks Like Today: Spring Schoolin’

Nothing says “SPRING” quite like taking the books outside,

or rigging a pulley to haul your books up your favourite oak,

so you can hunker down in the blue-sky-sunshine to write,

and do a little reading aloud about Samuel de Champlain with your Brotherly BFF.

It’s all but a glimpse of today’s gratitude.

Wordless Wednesday: For the Love of Murphy

 Murphy and his humans.

When the blurry ones capture the moment, you gotta go with it. 


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This Week’s Gratitude

I appreciate the snow and the smiles it puts on the faces of my children.  Need I say more? 

I am grateful for our blinds that were installed yesterday.  We removed our old unrepairable shutters over a month ago for repairs and painting of window casings, and have been living in a fish in a bowl ever since.  Aren’t they purdy?

I am grateful for our homeschooling week.  It may have been one of the best weeks ever.  Happy children, eager to learn, eager to create, and working through their errors patiently and productively = happy Teacher-Mama.

Caleb even asked me before bed last night, “I know tomorrow’s Saturday, but could you please prepare some extra math for me to do?”    Um. YES!  Who am I to squelch any desire to learn? 

I am grateful for the life of my Grampie and the love he had with Grammie.  It was difficult being 2000 km away from his funeral this week, but I am so very thankful for the man he was, the abundant fruit he displayed, and for the knowledge that he is dancing at the feet of his Father… which is exactly where he wanted to be all along. 

Forever and ever,


The Season’s First Snow

The kids are doing remarkably well with our homeschooling this week, enjoying the new curriculum, jumping into their work early and without my prompting, working through problems (and even corrections)  — calmly and patiently.  I’m sure David is tired of hearing me talk about how terrific this week has been, but it’s been GREAT!   The icing on the cake, however, was the snow that came yesterday.  It started at about 8:00 am…

…and it continued all day.

 It was a snow day here in our county, but considering the time we took off this fall, we opted to work through the day anyway.  Before hitting the books, we did a bit of last minute yard clean up by removing the pile of gravel from the driveway.  Our front walkway was completed the previous day (nice timing!), and the gravel had to be moved in order to use the snowblower.  The kids were great about getting down to business outside (moving gravel is HARD WORK), and equally good about their school work. 

After lunch, of course, they were back outside. 

David took the afternoon off to watch the kids while I worked, but I did manage to snap a couple photos of them in the yard.   This makes me thankful for the father my kids have.  🙂 

I must say I am grateful for the seasons.  I look forward to throwing open the windows on the first sunny spring day, and I look forward to the crispness of winter, drinking apple cider and hunkering down by the fire with books on the day of the first snow.

And that’s exactly what we did. 

And it’s exactly 1 month to my favourite day of the year!  Happy Winter to All!

Day 17: Eye on the Prize

Part and parcel of getting a new chimney and fireplace involves stacking the wood to burn in it.  We had the first half of our wood delivered on Monday, and after getting them started (and establishing the ‘ends’), the kids were really able to pitch in and help get it stacked. 

We do not pay our children for their household tasks, as we believe pretty strongly that much of what needs to be done needs to be done simply because we are a team.  We do it because it needs to be done, not because there is a dollar figure attached.  However, once or twice a year, for unique tasks like this, the kids get a little something for their hard work. 

In this case, they know there is a cash reward.  They are working their buns off to work that pile down to nothing.  Caleb and Eden have always been pretty diligent workers, but this time, Gabe is right there alongside them… WITHOUT me having to suggest it.  The boys were out there for over an hour yesterday morning before I even knew what they were doing.  Good on them!

Day 17: 

Sometimes a little motivation goes a long, long way. 

This has me thinking about other areas of my life that could benefit from a motivation boost.  Should I be giving myself little rewards here and there for journeying along on my path of intention?   

Maybe I should treat myself to a little something for getting some of the tougher things done.   A contribution toward a trip away with my beloved?  A new handbag or a pair of shoes?  Something to keep me from procrastinating. 

But sometimes motivation comes simply in the joy my kids express when I make time amid the busyness to play a game.  

And sometimes motivation is the simple desire of getting things done.  (Ahem.  Laundry.)

But if I could tackle things with as much gusto as my kids used tackled that wood, I’d be laughing.  LAUGHING I tell you.

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Day 8: A Hard Deadline

Yes, I am late with Day 8. 

Sure, it fits with my tendencies for procrastination, but it also fits with my desire to be more intentional about what we do as a family.  Fact is, yesterday was an early morning… up and at em to go deep-sea fishing.  

We have lived in Nova Scotia, dubbed “Canada’s Ocean Playground” for nine years now.  For nine years, we’ve talked about going deep-sea fishing with my dad.  Well, this was the year.

Groupon had a crazy deal on a 4-pass (only 4 would be interested in going) so I scooped it up back in May.   I had to get in this week, or I’d miss the boat, literally and figuratively.    So I booked it. 

Day 8:

Setting a hard deadline can be an extremely helpful tool in accomplishing goals.  Booking an activity (especially if you pre-pay for it) increases the likelihood of actually doing it.   

It was a wonderful day, filled with great memories for all of us. 

This post has been linked to the 31 DAYS series.  You can start from the beginning here, and check out the other 31 Dayers here by visiting The Nester.

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