Saying ‘I Love You’

Today, during a brief a morning snuggle, I pulled Eden close and hugged her tight.

And she replied,

“Thanks Mom.  You fill me up with love, all the way up my body and into my brain where all my memories are.”


If my kids know anything at all, it’s that they are loved.    They are loved in the happy times, in the episodes of overwhelming thoughtfulness, but also amidst the trials, the disobedience, the discipline.  My girl has told me many a time:  “I know you love me, you just don’t like my behaviour.”   Communicating that is so important.   And truth be told, she hears it a lot because, well… she’s disciplined a lot.  She knows I do it out of love. 

My 11 year old still climbs up into my lap, limbs sprawling all over the place, to snuggle in and tell me he loves me.  I hope it never ends. 

Remember this? 

Yeah, I know. 

I think I’ll pull out my copy and read it to the kids today.  We’ll see if I can get through without crying. 

If you haven’t told your kids today that you love them, please do it.  

Those words will fill them up, all the way up to their memories.


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  1. Glimmering Girl
    Jan 16, 2012 @ 16:11:04

    My greatest goal in life is for all my little sprouts to know that they are deeply loved.


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