This will be my third year with a ‘word.’    It sounds funny to say it like that, but there it is, my WORD. 

Sure, there are things I want to achieve this year — more like the standard resolutions — but the word thing has really worked for me over the past two years, so I’m going to stick with it. 

I always have a lot of things going on in this head of mine, so the beauty of a word is that it’s easy, small enough to remember yet broad enough to be applicable to many aspects of my life. 

This year, I want to simplify my schedule,

simplify my record keeping,

simplify my belongings,

simplify my menu,

simplify my work,

simplify my overall objectives in life. 

It’s a good word for me.

My husband and I are both feeling intensely optimistic about twentytwelve.    It’s going to be a great year.  If I simplify where I can, I will minimize some of the peripheral distractions in order to move forward more resolutely, 

with what really matters.

Happy New Year to all!

This post has been linked to The Lettered Cottage.    (This little word of mine.  I’m gonna let it shine.) 

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