Day 21: One, two, skip a few…

Yes, intention is a wonderful thing.  It gets you thinking about what you really want, and has you taking deliberate steps to get it.  It’s a good, good thing.

I knew a while back that the month of October would be insane, and it is.  I called that one!  It was probably the worst timing ever for me to take on a little blog challenge, but I couldn’t resist.  I thought the topic would help me on my path of intention, and it really has.  


It’s insane.  (Oh, sorry.  Did I say that already?)   

I thought that in light of all the hub-hub that’s swirling around me, I should take a moment to share a glimpse of my life right now. 

This is my living room/ dining room.  Yes, yes it is.

This is the sitting room off my kitchen.

This is my mud room/ home office area and soon to be powder room. 

This is my side yard. 

Plus, I have a pile of design work (about 6 concurrent projects) to boot.    

Oh and two little volunteer projects in which I am intensely involved.

School?  Yeah.  That too.  Only our schedule is reduced to about 1.4% until we get through this reno.  We will ramp up to 100% in November.  (I’m so glad we schooled all summer!)

The icing on the cake came yesterday, when we discovered we have to dig two giant holes outside (possibly a trench) to address a water leak from the main under our front lawn and lovely new retaining wall.  Ugh. 

Chaos, I tell ya!  

Day 22: 

It’s okay to slow down the blog posts on intention if the purpose of the slow-down is to be more intentional about the other things in my life.   (Clearly, there are some other things that require my attention right now.)

There.  I said it.  And it feels much better. 

So, I am skipping a few.  My main goal over the next couple weeks is to get through all of this household stuff so I can get my main floor back in order.  I’m good with that and I hope you are too. 

Catch ya on the flip side.  

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