Day 16: Getting Outta Dodge

Don’t you find that you sometimes just need a brief change of scenery to give you perspective and awaken your senses?  

We’ve been working like dogs here lately. 

Actually, as I write that, I realize that it’s a dumb expression.  Like ‘sleep like a baby.’  Babies (mine at least) don’t sleep.  And dogs don’t work.   Let me rephrase that.

We’ve been working like a big team of Clydesdales lately.  (Yes, much better.)

Sunday, we went to church, came home for lunch, and then hit the road to spend the afternoon in Mahone Bay.  It was a lovely fall day, perfect for a stroll through the village.  It was just what our weary bodies and tuckered out brains needed to pick us up and carry us in to the following week. 

Like many moms, I suppose, I find it very hard to relax at home.  Even when I can sit for a breather, I can’t help but feel the pull of all that needs to be done.  There always seems to be supper to start, bums to wipe, calls to make, discipline to dish out, laundry to fold, Skip Bo to play, and. on. it. goes. 

Or I could leave for my breather.

Day 16:

Every once in a while, it’s a good idea to go somewhere that requires absolutely nothing of you, besides deciding where to purchase a snack. 

And for what it’s worth, I purchased my snack at the best market ever. 


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