Day 15: Bringing in Help

It’s good to know your limits. 

Lately, I’ve been chugging along on a path of crazy busyness that leaves me with little time for ‘extras.’   There are things I see that I need to do, but I can’t.  There are only so many hours and remember, my goal of intention means spending time with things that are more important will win out.    Earning an income, providing food and shelter and an education, spending time with my family are all immensely more important than my grimy trim.

Enter Mom.

Yes, Mom.  She’s here to save the day. 

She and my Dad arrived last week and will stay until early November.  My dad is a builder in Muskoka, Ontario and he set aside some time this fall to be my contractor.  I know some good contractors around here, but I’d rather pay my dad (a preferred rate) and get in a visit at the same time.  I’m tricky like that.  🙂   He’s particular and very skilled – a known commodity. 

Anyway, he’s here to tear down my 32′ chimney, install a new one, and get my fancy dancy fireplace up and going.  (Yay to wood heat!)  There will also be some work going on in a few other areas of the home.  I’ll fill you in later. 

But back to mom.  She’s always one to grab a mitt and get in the game.  After a couple of days of puttering around with the usual cooking, dishes, etc., she asked me for my caulking gun and trim paint so she could work at freshening up the trim.  OH MY how that trim needed a coat of paint.  I’ve wanted to do it for years, but trim … you know… takes a considerable amount of time.  Plus, I installed some new trim this spring, and it’s been sitting here since, just starting at me with nail holes and seams.  

Yes, fresh, clean, chip-free, satiny smooth trim makes me very happy.   But it was WAY down on my list of priorities.  “Sorry kids, no board games this week.  Mama has to paint?”  I don’t think so. 

Day 15: 

Sometimes you have to call ‘uncle’ if you want to get things done.  Use your time wisely and bring in help where you can.  FREE help from a Mom who loves to pitch in?  That’s even better. 


Yes, I’m behind again.  It’s been a tad hectic ’round these parts, but I’ll catch up.  I promise. 

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