Day 14: Embrace the Dirt

Courtesy of Etsy via Pinterest

I love this, because it’s so true.

Over the years, I have repeatedly commented to the boys about their ‘dirt’ smell.  You know the smell I mean.  The one where you’d swear they were rolling around in the top soil, shoving musky earth into their pockets and under their nails, because… oh yeah, they WERE!

We have a pile of top soil in our yard that my kids, even at 11 and 9, still love to play in.  All summer, I wanted to deep six the dirt pile use the soil for other things and put in a sand box instead.  But the boys and their child-at-heart father all told me what I already knew (and was hoping they’d skim over):  the soil is way better than sand, because it can be shaped, formed and moved to make a highly complex system of roadways and tunnels.  Sand is just too dry (and they didn’t even accept my suggestion of soaking it with a hose). 

So, the soil stays put for another year.   Who am I to put the kibosh on their creativity? 

The result of course, is the constant dirt smell, and a filthy and continuous haze all over my floors.   But whatev.  They are having fun, often spending 1-3 hours at a time working together, planning, building, testing and then problem solving, revising, improvising, and improving.  There are a lot of really good things happening in that soil. 

The noise can keep the dirt. 

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