Day 12: Interruption

Answering before listening 

is both stupid and rude. 

– Proverbs 18:13  (The Message)

I have three very talkative children.  They are expressive and engaging and a delight to chat with… 

However Caleb, in particular, goes in to agonizing detail with every story he tells, and in the vast majority of cases, what he’s elaborating on is entirely irrelevant to the story he’s telling.  He could start out telling you about one funny line in a movie, and end up telling you about the whole movie!  On top of that, he speaks a bit slowly and so, something that should take about 15 seconds to say ends up taking 4 minutes.   Of course, the stories usually come when I don’t have 4 minutes to spare. 

Too often, I interrupt him to speed the story along.  Not good.  

Day 12: 

Stop interrupting. 

Two little words.  Should be easy, right? 


Yes, I am going to make a point of not interrupting.  But on top of that, I really must make a point of working with him on his story telling abilities (starting when he’s not telling a story at all).  

Good luck to me. 

This post has been linked to the 31 DAYS series.  You can start from the beginning here, and check out the other 31 Dayers here by visiting The Nester.


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