Day 11: Saying No

Saying ‘no’ has always been hard for me.

Like, really hard.  

I just want to help where I can, and sometimes it seems that there is just so much to be done.  Surely I could pitch in a little… times ten.  Or fifty. 


But the good news is that as part of my quest to be more intentional, I am also learning to say no a bit more often.  It’s not great yet, but I’m getting there. 

I recently told the director of our education board at church that I was no longer going to stand as a substitute for Sunday School.   It was tough (almost every part of me wanted to say yes) but I’m really working on doing the most important things, and right now, that just isn’t it.  It’s not even that I get called up to teach that often, but it feels good that it’s no longer taking up head space. 

Day 11:

Intentionally saying ‘no’ (instead of automatically responding with ‘yes’) frees me up to be intentional about other things that are more important to me.  I can’t say yes to everything.  (Say it again, Trina…)  I can’t say yes to everything. 

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