Day 10: Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Don’t you love that?  Me?  I love it! 

This was Thanksgiving weekend for us Canucks, and what an exceptional weekend it was!  

There’s been all kinds of talk on Facebook about how thankful people are for this and that.  That is a wonderful thing!   But much like Valentine’s Day, it also makes me question why so many wait for a special holiday to proclaim their feelings.  Shouldn’t we be thankful year round?    I’m not saying we shouldn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but in this world rife with entitlement and self-centeredness, it would be nice to witness more of a sentiment of gratitude?   

It feels good to be grateful, and to witness gratitude among others… with or without the turkey.

Day 10:

Here’s to intentionally taking time during each and every ordinary day to recognize the things we are to be grateful for… the obvious and the not-so-obvious.   


This post has been linked to the 31 DAYS series.  (Yes, I’m running about 6 hours behind, but I’m working on catching up…)  🙂   You can start from the beginning here, and check out the other 31 Dayers here by visiting The Nester.

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