Day 8: A Hard Deadline

Yes, I am late with Day 8. 

Sure, it fits with my tendencies for procrastination, but it also fits with my desire to be more intentional about what we do as a family.  Fact is, yesterday was an early morning… up and at em to go deep-sea fishing.  

We have lived in Nova Scotia, dubbed “Canada’s Ocean Playground” for nine years now.  For nine years, we’ve talked about going deep-sea fishing with my dad.  Well, this was the year.

Groupon had a crazy deal on a 4-pass (only 4 would be interested in going) so I scooped it up back in May.   I had to get in this week, or I’d miss the boat, literally and figuratively.    So I booked it. 

Day 8:

Setting a hard deadline can be an extremely helpful tool in accomplishing goals.  Booking an activity (especially if you pre-pay for it) increases the likelihood of actually doing it.   

It was a wonderful day, filled with great memories for all of us. 

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