Day 6: Watching the Clock

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My schedule is a bit hectic.  I work, I home educate, I serve on various committees, I’m a wife and mother.  There are lots of things vying for my time and my real problem is that although some of them are more important to me than others, I do want time for all of them.  But that doesn’t mean I need lots of time for all of them, does it? 

As one of my seasonal committees was ramping up again this week, it occurred to me that it might be helpful for me to set a time limit for the meetings I was attending.  I set them when I run a meeting, but never have I left someone else’s meeting in progress.  Nope, I’m one of those stay-to-the-end type of people.  Leaving might mean missing something.  But, aside from using more of my time to stay, the real kicker is that late meetings wind me up.  After a late meeting, I usually can’t fall asleep until 1 am!  And with my early wake ups (5am yesterday folks!), that just won’t work. 

Well, all of that changed last night.   I attended a 7:00 pm meeting and clearly stated at the outset that I would be leaving at 9:00 pm.   It felt liberating!  

Day 6:

Setting time boundaries for my various commitments means I can participate without too much concern about the time it takes away from my other responsibilities.  I can be more effective with my limited amount of time. 

I left at 9:01 pm.   

I fell asleep without issue.

I awoke today at 5:45 am. 


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