Day 5: Warm Anticipation

Living in a small town means that we have the privilege of having lunch as a family almost every day.  David works only a few minutes from our home, a 20 minute walk or a 3 minute drive, so barring any lunch time meetings, it’s very easy for him to be here in the middle of each day.  I love that!

However, there have been one or two days in the recent past where I have actually called David at work to suggest he not come home for lunch.  He keeps a couple frozen meals in the freezer at work for situations like that, so it wasn’t a big deal on his side.  On my side, I didn’t want him to come home to the pure bedlam that was under way.   On those days, I was feeling pretty miserable as a result of the attitudes and bickering of my kids.  There was no point in two of us feeling miserable. 

That experience had me thinking about what David comes home to at the end of each day. What does he see when he opens the door and steps into the foyer?   He can open the door to screaming, crying, time outs and an obviously overwhelmed and frustrated wife.  OR he can come home to a wonderful greeting, happy children and a wife excited to see him (out of love, rather than the “wait till your father gets home” necessity).

Now, I should clarify:  I don’t think that we should hide all our frustrations and keep everything pent up.  That will only make things worse at some point.  No, what I’m talking about here is allowing my husband to be happy to come home at the end of the day, to be given the time and space to decompress after a busy day, to feel greeted and loved. 

He works so hard to provide for this family.  It’s the least I can do to honour everything he does for us. 

Thought for Day 5:

Greeting my husband with a kiss and warm smile (…or a smile and warm kiss?) makes him feel loved and anticipated, and who doesn’t want to feel that?  

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