Day 4: Intentionally Getting Up at Oh:DarkHundred:Hours

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

I used to do it.  I did it for months and months.  Then I stopped. 

And I’ve suffered for it ever since.

I was on a good roll there for a while.  I even got the point where I could awaken naturally, but it all changed when Eden started to follow me downstairs at 5:30, when she heard my baby toe hit the floor.   I wanted that early morning time to mySELF and I couldn’t find a way to get past her door without hearing a bright-eyed “Good Morning, Mama!” so I just gave up completely. 

Bad idea. 

Getting up early means I can read and enjoy my first coffee, uninterrupted.  It means I can start my day, do some work, make my lists, do my usual bloggy check-in, pull out school materials, start prepping supper, walk the dog, whatever I want.   NOT getting up early means those things happen later (when OTHER things should be happening).   Except later, none of it is uninterrupted.  And most of the time, there things that don’t happen at all.

My natural wake up time is usually around 6:30 but these darker mornings of late have had me waking at 7:00  instead.  It’s just not the best jump-start to productivity.

So today, baby-stepping my way back to 5:30, I set my alarm for 6:00 and just did it.    I told Eden before bed last night that I would be getting up early, but that she needed to stay in her room (preferably sleeping) until 7:00.  I did it with the boys when they were little, and it worked beautifully.  I should be able to do this with my strong-willed girl.  Right? 

Day 4: 

If I want something, I need to work for it.  Period.   I want some quiet morning me time, so I’m going to get it.  To begin, begin.

Wordsworth was right. 

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