Day 2: Impromptu Cuddles

We’ve been experiencing some chaos here with our littlest.  She’s 5 now and is still very good with the tantrums, the tears, the fits of rage.  I adore her, but good grief, she really takes it out of me sometimes. 

There are days it doesn’t take long for my mood to change for the worst, as a result of that kind of behaviour.  Every mother who has ever had young children knows what I’m talking about. 

Well, here’s my bit for today, Day 2: 

Stopping for an intentional cuddle, even when you REALLLLLLY don’t feel like it, can make or break a day.

Yesterday, at different spots during the day, I made a point of pushing pause on the busyness to have a few minutes to cuddle in a chair with each of my kids.   It wasn’t about reading a story or playing a game.  It was simply about having them (even the 11 year old), climb up in to my lap and snuggle in to feel my arms wrapped around them in love.  Each time, the cuddles were unexpected and really appreciated.  It told the kids that they were more important than the ringing phone, the pile of work, the dirty dishes, the umpteen loads of laundry. 

It was especially helpful for Eden.  Even with all her behaviour, and my frustration with it, she recognized the fact that she is loved.

At the end of the day, she said “I know you really love me a lot mom.  Sometimes you just need to punish me to teach me.”

Yes, yes I do. 

I do this many days, but on the ones where I’m flying around like a crazy-woman, it’s clear that I don’t stop often enough.  But, I’m going to make a point of doing this every day, even the tough ones. 

Especially the tough ones.


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