Day 1: Edie made me do it.

I have followed the 31 Days thing since it started a few years ago.  I knew it was coming again this year.  Nester has been warning us about it… ‘get ready’… ‘do you have your topic’… ’31 Days Housekeeping’…yada yada.  Whatever.  I had no intention of jumping in.  I was just going to enjoy the posts of others as I have in years past.  Maybe next year.

Then I read Edie’s post.  That girl has a special influence on me.  Today she said, “I’m great at starting things but not such a strong finisher so you’ll have to keep me motivated.”

Yeah, she was talking to me.  It’s true. 

Well, she might as well have been.  All the half-completed projects and dead-end good intentions I have kicking around represent my single biggest frustration with myself.   It’s crazy really.  Could Edie be telling me to use the 31 Days to work on BEING INTENTIONAL like I’ve been trying to do all year? 

Yes, I think she was. 

So, my 31 Days of Intention will be an opportunity to share my thoughts on all things intended ~ where I succeed, places I fail, tricks and tips along the way to motivate me to just. march. on.   We’ll see how that goes. 

Here we go, Day 1: 

Today, I am attempting to be intentional by actually DOING the 31 Days that I originally had no intention of doing. 
See what I did there? 

No really, the idea jumped off Edie’s post and into my brain and here I am.  I decided on this about an hour ago, which is also when I started trying to figure out how to make a button.  Surely, there are other 31ers out there that spent a fair amount of time sorting that out?  Please tell me I’m not the only one. 

   But I didn’t give up.  I have a button (or I should if this works out after the Linky). 

Check mark for Day 1.


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