Time for Myself

I’m not good at finding it, but when I do, I always think:  Gee, I should do this more often.

Time for myself is so elusive.  I don’t really even mind it that much because my time is spent doing better things, important things.   This season of kids at home will be over before I know it and I don’t want any regrets over what I didn’t do with them, time I didn’t spend.  I don’t want to be a shussher.  I don’t want to always be ditching them for a little ‘me time.’  I want my kids to feel welcomed and loved and encouraged and included in our lives as a family.   That’s where my time is being spent.

I’m more than good with that.

But most days, by about 8:00 pm, my sleepiness starts to kick in.  At that point, I really just want to sit down but I know that when I do, it’s game over.  I won’t be getting off my butt again until the sun shows its face. 

Last night was David’s only evening without meetings.  He has a huge pile of responsibilities on his plate and is very good at taking it all in stride.  He got to tuck Eden into bed, then sat with the boys to watch Top Gear (a weekly ritual they’ve had for two or three years now).  I, thankfully, had supper finished long before meal time, which meant the kitchen was clean before we even ate our supper!  I LOVE when that happens.   I surveyed the tidiness and declared a rare bath time for myself

…with a glass of Cabernet

…and book I’ve had on my shelf for a couple of years now, The Kite Runner.

It was only a 45 minute break, and it did include at least 6 interruptions from my children.  But it was delicious to just sit and read.  I need more of that. 

Next time, I’ll use that lock that seems to be on the door some strange reason.

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