Lastnight I made a lovely beef, eggplant and carrot stirfry over brown rice, complete with fresh herbs from our garden.  I LOVED it, but then, I love eggplant so I knew it would be yummy …to me. 

My kids, on the other hand, suffered their way through it.  We have ‘exemptions’ in our house and have had from the beginning.  The kids are each allowed to choose three items they will not be made to eat until they remove it from their list in favour of something else (but never on a day that the ‘something else’ is being served.)  Since eggplant isn’t on anyone’s list (though I do use it from time to time), they all had to eat it up. 

At some point along the way, Caleb had a mouthful of food and a super-disgusted look on his face.  I reminded him it was best to swallow quickly, to get it away from his tastebuds.  

A few minutes later, the boys had finished their portions and excused themselves to clear their bowls. 

Then, I turned to Eden and saw this (–it’s blurry because it was just a quick iPhone picture):

“I’m getting the eggplant off my tastebuds Mama, and onto my cheeks instead!”


Where’d I find this kid?


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