A Gift

David is an absolute gift.

He’s flawed like everyone else.  He works constantly on building his patience as a Dad.  He is potter’s clay, being molded, shaped and transformed each day.

                Like all of us, he’s a work in progress.   

He works hard, but knows when to push ‘pause’ on the busyness to take time for a light saber duel. 

He’s a Dad with the unique ability to make the kids belly laugh until a beverage flies out of someone’s nose…and then laugh harder.

He sets an amazing example for his kids as a man who adores his wife and holds his marriage high. 

He demonstrates to our boys what it means to be a good husband, and epitomizes what our daughter should look for in one as well.  (Please God, give her a husband like mine!) 

David is a strong man of faith, on fire for Christ, proudly walking the walk.  

And he is a remarkable gift to this family. 

Thank you God. 

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful Dads out there!! 


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