Turning on a Dime

School started well on Monday.  All the kids worked diligently on their tasks; the boys doing some copy work and Eden doing some addition and subtraction.  Although she’s only 4, she insists on ‘doing school’ along  with her brothers.  Caleb loves to play teacher, and offered the occasional bit of help to read the instructions on the page. 

Cuteness.  I love when they help and encourage one another. 

But behaviour turns on a dime in this house, probably like it does in every house.  The happy cooperation fell apart.  I guess Caleb read a bit more than Eden wanted him to read. 

Did you notice him smiling beside her?   It was hard not to laugh at the absurdity of the situation, but I managed to maintain my composure during the outburst …that lasted several minutes.  


Then she looked at me through the tears, with eyes asking ‘WHY are you taking a PICTURE of me CRYING?’

Because I love it, that’s why.   I don’t love the sadness or frustration of my kids, but I do sometimes really love how they look when they cry.

Am I alone on this?  I have so many photos of my kids in tears.  It brings a messed-up smile to my face. 

Mean, I know.   I can’t help myself. 

Moments later, it was time for recess.  The wind shifted again and Eden and Caleb skipped happily up the stairs.  I followed them up shortly after to find this:

And as quickly as it started, it was over. 

Ah, the joys of preschooler drama.


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