Well,” said Pooh, “what I like best —

and then he had to stop and think. Because although Eating Honey was a very good thing to do, there was a moment just before you began to eat it which was better than when you were, but he didn’t know what it was called.                                         — Winnie the Pooh



It’s coming, I can feel it.

(Plus my calendar tells me it’s on its way.)

Doesn’t it feel GOOD?  I love the seasons and the excitement for each part of the year.  Winter is filled with coziness and fun in the snow, Fall brings perfect temperatures and beauty all around us, and Summer for our family screams “BEACH” and lots of other outside adventure.  But I think Spring is my favourite season of all.   It’s full of promise and projects and anticipation. 

It’s an anticipation of renewal and I love it!

It was a beautiful 13 degrees yesterday (that’s about 55 F for my American friends).   It was the first day I didn’t wear a coat to church, just a sweater.  Oh, I love that. 

And now the air has a new sweetness about it.  The breeze carries no chill.  The icy back yard is giving way to big grassy patches.  I am noticing sounds of birds that have been absent for many months.   It excites me! 

With spring also comes a desire to just get your stuff in order.  David and I have already talked at length about our intended purging, sorting, and cleaning.  Over the summer, we hope to have two yard sales to rid ourselves of the massive amounts of ‘stuff’ that is strewn about our basement.  I have a burning desire to build some furniture too.  I’m part way through my first big project (I’ll post about it when I’m done) but I also want to do a cabinet for our tv (I hate looking at it), some built-in shelving, a window seat or two.  We have landscape projects to wrap up outside (started last fall), a garden to plant, some painting to do.  This year we’ll be tackling a new chimney and fireplace, new giant glass doors out to our deck and a tiny bit of reconfiguring of some small walls inside.  It’s fun to talk about it all.  Well, it’s fun for me anyway.  Putting it in to practice is another thing, but I do so love the planning. 

Since I’m a homeschooling mom and have multiple clients to take care of in addition to the usual home and family stuff, planning is really key for me.  I think this week I’ll make a very detailed project list and plot it all out on a project calendar, because I want to make sure we have time and money for all these things and prioritize them if we don’t.  

Plus, I’m planning kind of girl.  That’s me.  Sometimes I make lists just to make them. 

Lists feed my anticipation.  Pooh Bear was right.


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