Homeschool Reason #9327: Using space on our own terms


There are a gazillion reasons.

Okay, maybe not a gazillion.  Perhaps it’s only a bajillion.

Alright, I’m not really sure of the number, but it’s a lot.

One of the BIG benefits of homeschooling is the ability to have the kids sit where they want and work in the manner that is most conducive to their ability to learn.   Allow me to paint a picture for you.

Our eldest child, Gabriel, is an uber-active boy.  He loves being outside, runs instead of walks and treats most situations as an opportunity for adventure.  Had we put him in school, he surely would have been extremely frustrated and probably able to really learn very little.  I can imagine a teacher saying ‘Okay class, time to sit down.  We’re now going to learn long division.”  Yeah.  Right.  

Assuming in this hypothetical scenario that he was physically able to sit still, he might sit there politely and look as though he’s listening.  He might really listen, and maybe even memorize only to pass the test.  But there’s no way he’d really be learning.  He’d be told.   There is a BIG difference in hearing something and learning something.

However, given the ability to sport a superhero costume and sprawl out on the floor, or head up a tree with his books, this same boy would suddenly want to know all there is to know about long division.  Sometimes, a desk is just not the place.

Yet sometimes it is.  Our second child, Caleb, needs this kind of structure.  I have discovered that for some subjects, he needs to be sitting upright at a table if he is actually going to grasp anything.  

Funny, huh?

My point is that we all learn differently.  Homeschooling affords us the ability to use space the way we want to use it, in the way that helps them to learn most effectively.   If you homeschool (or even if you don’t, but have the daily drama of homework), try allowing the kids to do it in a way that makes sense for them.  I’m sure you’ll marvel at the results. 

This post has been linked to Works for Me Wednesdays over at We Are That Family. 


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