Craft Time, Trina-style


…and by Trina-style, I mean simple and inexpensive. 

If I wasn’t a homeschooler, I would still see the benefit of a cute little board like this one.   But seriously, with my task of building character all day long, I really thought it would be wonderful to have an obvious, in-your-face place to write whatever relevant message or memory verse we needed to have for the day.  

So, I found myself an old frame in the basement.   It would have been the perfect little rectangular shape, but then it fell apart.  Although I tried fixing it, I gave up quickly when it wasn’t going so well.  Yes, I’m lazy like that.

Back in the basement, I found an old businessy certificate that used to hang on my office wall, back in the much easier   days when I worked as a real career woman, with a briefcase and many frequent flyer miles.   (Sidebar:  Though there are some days when I long for the peace and quiet of my professional life, I really can say I don’t miss that life at ALL.)    Anyhoo – the certificate was great in my office, but there was no way I was ever going to hang it again, so I did what any frugal and determined woman would do. 

I tore it all apart. 

I cleared a workspace in my dedicated craft room, and went to it.  

Ahem … There is no craft room.  There is, however, a kitchen counter. 

Wow!  Look at that – a hammer and a slotted spoon.  What kind of two-bit operation is this?  I guess there is no clear workspace either.  I am the queen of doing multiple projects at once, so this ‘random tools all around me’ approach makes perfect sense for me.  (And the professional organizers of the world collectively shudder…) 

First I sanded.  By ‘sanded’ I really mean I took about 18 seconds and wiped the frame with a piece of sandpaper.  Elapsed time:  18 seconds. 

Rather than head to the basement again for one of my nicer, more grown up brushes, I went right to the newly organized ‘craft drawer’ where I knew I’d find a nice fat kids brush that could do the job swiftly, with fewer brush strokes.  

Then I squeezed a little plop of paint right on the frame.  I told you I was lazy.  

I slapped it on.  Elapsed time:  54 seconds   (65 seconds if you count the time to take pictures)

I left the first coat to dry, right there in the middle of the messy counter.  Elapsed time:  5 minutes 54 seconds (enough time to take Murphy out for a quick pee and say goodnight to Caleb)

When I came back, it was dry (enough for me) so I slapped on another coat.  (Elapsed time: about 7 minutes.)

I snuck a couple scrapbooking pages from Caleb’s craft supplies.  I broke out the vinegar to clean the glass and glued the pretty paper to the frame back.  (Elapsed time:  8:45)

I used a chalk marker to write a verse.  The first one (up above) was from our devotional that morning, so it came first to mind.  

I found the chalk marker at a local fabric store in the wedding section.  I guess it’s used to write JUST MARRIED on the back windshield of the car.   I LOVE this thing and I’ve been on the hunt for a full colour set since Nester’s post about them.  I haven’t been able to find them in any stores (not even Michael’s!), so it may have to be an online purchase, which I try to avoid where possible (carbon footprint/ supporting local and all).  They’re pricey, but oh how I covet those markers. 

So with 10 minutes and a tiny piece of counter in between the dirty dishes, I’ve got a lovely frame that we use every day.   (I’m going to try some 3M hooks on my tile backsplash…  I wonder if that will work?)

My point is this.  If you have a desire to do something, it doesn’t need to be complicated or perfect.  This frame is far from either of those things, but it makes me happy.  

It’s sometimes scripture, or a good quote, and often just a reminder for a certain behaviour.  A couple times it’s just been a love note to my family.  It’s been a great addition to our daily life here at home. 

You could say it’s a Finer Thing.   Hop on over to see Amy’s sweet Finer Thing for today.  You may watch it more than once.  (I did!)


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Miranda
    Feb 25, 2011 @ 21:49:56

    Love this idea!


  2. joyandcontentment
    Feb 26, 2011 @ 09:05:48

    It loved it because it was so easy! I made it a few weeks ago and we use it all. the. time. Give it a try!


  3. Priscilla-The Wheelchair Mommy
    Mar 22, 2011 @ 21:15:42

    I made a frame like this for our weekly menu 🙂

    I should try and find a chalk marker. It really stands out! AT the moment I use a dry erase :).


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