A Child’s Encouragement

“Hi Mom and Dad, I know it’s hard sometimes, but I still love you.”

I just found this old note, written by Caleb when he was five years old.  I don’t remember the circumstances surrounding it; what would have propelled my sweet young boy to write it.  In my head, however, it involves a day of frustration, bickering among siblings, a feeling of overwhelmedness (?? I think I just made that up).   He saw that his parents needed a word of encouragement and put it on paper.   Now I can call up that piece of paper as a reflection of the encouragement of a child who knows he’s loved, and who loves us back, even amidst the craziness of life.   Kids seem to give us encouragement and love right when we need it most. 

It’s like God made them with their sweet sideways smiles, adoring hugs and cute little love notes to keep us from launching them into tomorrow when things get so difficult.    God is SMART! 

Here’s to a day of encouragement for you and those you love. 

This post has been linked to Works for me Wednesday.  Hop on over to hear about how screen time works in her family.  Me likey!

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