How Did This Happen?

I have an 11 year old!  I don’t know how it happened exactly, but it’s true.  Just a short while ago he was a sassy little dirty-faced boy with his finger up his nose and today, Gabe is eleven.  David reminded me today that we have just two short years before we are parents to a teen.  Good grief! 

We hosted a party after church yesterday with his bestest buds.    Oh, the fun these kids have when they are together!  We’re at the stage now I don’t really need to plan anything for the party.  I throw a few fun things in a goodie bag and make a cake and the rest all happens on its own.  I’m delighted that is the case as it sure makes for an easier day!   And the kids can’t get any happier.

He wanted a Lego Star Wars theme, which meant that he put on a costume when his guests arrived, and of course, I made a Lego Star Wars cake.  I love the challenge of baking a theme cake, and this one was easy (slab + ramekins) and fun. 

This morning he got to eat breakfast in bed for the first time ever.  It was both a big deal and a huge success.   Homemade waffles with fresh berries and whipped cream and chocolate drizzle and shaved chocolate/ cinnamon on top, served with a mug of hot apple cider.  He was a very happy boy.

We didn’t do a whole lot of school today, just a bit.  There was just too much celebrating to do! 

Gabriel, you are a wonder.

I admire your confidence to be who you want to be,

The affection you show to those you love,

The importance you place on your faith at such a young age,

Your ability to make us laugh uncontrollably,

The way you appreciate beautiful words,

Devour a good book,

Express yourself so creatively,

and approach everything in life with a serendipitous wide-eyed wonder

But I’m especially pleased that you are just as happy to snuggle with your Mom at 11, as you were when you were two. 

I love you Gabe.    Happy Birthday!


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