Progress Update: 5 & 6/52

When we installed a new kitchen 3 years ago, I had one 13′ wall of drawers installed, because really, you can’t have enough drawers.  The idea of pulling all the contents out toward you (instead of stooping down to reach in and to the back) was just too appealing to pass up.  On top of regular drawers for cutlery, cooking utensils and tea towels, we have them for casserole dishes, mixing bowls, storage containers, little ‘dip’ dishes, plates and bowls, and all the kids cups.  This way, they can empty the dishwasher on their own and get their own dishes without having to climb up on the counter. 

It’s a wonderful system, but it has its flaws. 

Like I said, the kids empty the dishwasher, so their cup drawer usually ends up a mess.  On top of that, I usually save a few recyclable containers for crafts (mostly to hold paint), and this is usually the place they get tossed.  Making this my org project for the week was really more out of necessity than anything else.  That drawer was close to not closing!  It was nice to have a simple project after last week’s closet overhaul

Actually, I so enjoyed the result of the cup drawer, I also did my container drawer:  6/52.  Woot!  

I love this challenge because it can include tiny projects too… and really, aren’t our clutter problems just a culmination of a boatload of little ones?   Baby steps eventually cover a lot of territory. 

Here’s what I’ve tackled so far this year:

52.  Sitting room dresser drawers

51.  Foyer armoire

50.  Coffee cupboard

49.  David’s closet

48.  Kids’ Cup drawer

47.  Container drawer

46.  ???

If you want to jump into the challenge, head on over to the Org Junkie where Laura explains the details.


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