Progress Update: 4/52

Okay, next org project on the list?  A major purge/sort and let’s face it… RE-FOLD of David’s closet.   If I loved the man anymore, I’m quite certain I would burst.  But seriously, where in the world did he acquire such absurd  folding skills?  Actually, it’s not even folding.  It’s more like rolling.  Or something.   I don’t even know. 

Anyway, putting away his laundry was a major issue, as you can see.  Nary a spot for anything:

It’s a small ‘L’ shaped walk-in that will actually store a pretty impressive number of items.  At some point I hope to tear out the shelving and rods and reconfigure it so it makes better use of the space.  At that time I will also paint out that awful pink colour.   (Tip:  I always tell my clients to paint their closets white for that very reason.  It’s a nightmare to have to remove all the items from your closet when your tastes change.  White (or very neutral at least) is just…  practical!) 

Although I have plans to update the closet, this was just about purging, sorting and ‘neatening’ up.  To start, I hauled every single item out and piled it on the bed.  (And yes, although I painted my room this past summer, I still have a small section of wallpaper to peel… so I can paint.  I had hoped to finish it while David was a way last week, but ran out of time.  I’m always running out of time.  If I can finish it in February I’ll be happy.)

I vacuumed, wiped and started sorting.  In the end, I tossed a giant garbage bag of clothing that was rarely worn OR a major surplus item (t-shirts) OR in poor shape.  A few things were saved for ‘work clothes’, two shirts were cut into rags and the rest is being donated.  The items that made the cut were neatly folded or hung up.  In order to minimize opportunity for that little rolling-instead-of-folding issue I mentioned, I thought it would be a pretty good idea to hang all the t-shirts.  Less folding, fewer wrinkles.  Perfect!  I’ve done this with the kids’ shirts since they were about 2, so don’t know what took me so long to clue in to it as a solution for David.   It should be good! 

He came home that night, went into his closet to get changed and was so pleasantly surprised by what he found.  It felt so good to do that for him.  

Doesn’t it feel amazing to do special things for someone you love?  Seriously, I just can’t get enough of it. 

Thankfully, David can’t get enough of it either.  He reciprocated by making a remarkable (homemade save for the noodles) date night meal to celebrate the Chinese New Year.   Delicious orange beef, vegetable lo mein, wontons and wonton soup (which we devoured before the picture). 

But this post is about organizing… right? 


So far, 2011 has seen me organize 4/52 items. 

52.  Sitting room dresser drawers

51.  Foyer armoire

50.  Coffee cupboard

49.  David’s closet

48.  We’ll have to see…

Visit Laura (the Org Junkie) for more on the 52 weeks project.

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