Breaking from Routine

That fluffy white stuff has been quite elusive in our neck of the woods.  We’ve had two inches here and there, but nothing terribly like winter.  I had really really been hoping for a nice big snowfall, and then it came. 

Yesterday was a snow day for most of Nova Scotia.  It’s another snow day today! 

Of course, homeschoolers don’t get to use snowdays like kids in public schools.  We usually just work through, and maybe cut our day a bit short or hang out a little longer than usual in our jammies, or skip the book work in favour of Scrabble and Planet Earth.  The kids are usually good with this – they don’t usually even know it’s a snow day unless they notice the lack of school buses on our street. 

When our family worked through a snow day we had a couple of weeks ago, David said something like:  “Hey guys, think of it this way:  You take SUN days instead of SNOW days.  Those are the days you get to go to the beach when all sorts of other kids are sitting in a hot classroom.”   Well, then.  He did make an excellent point.  Another homeschooling perk. 

So, most snow days are regular days for us.


But not yesterday.

Well, I had planned to follow our usual morning routine, but when the kids ran out excitedly before 8am, and were still playing beautifully at 9:30, I just didn’t have the heart to drag them from their winter paradise.  They were just having so much fun! 

Instead, I did the unexpected and just let the day take its own shape.  On their warm-up intermissions inside, we watched Pippy Longstocking, played a game, had some yummy snacks.  Another time we made supper and played another game.  The kids were only ever inside long enough to slightly dry their clothes in front of the fireplace.  They warmed their rosy cheeks.  Then they were out again.     They even took their hot chocolate outside in travel mugs.   They had made their quinzee with built-in cup holders in anticipation of it.   🙂

My highlight of the day was the most unexpected thing of all.  Me, running around the backyard in my snowsuit and big galumphy boots, hootin’ and hollerin’ like I had just won a prize!   When I stopped, I found the freshest, most untouched patch of snow I could and plunked myself down.  My littlest giggled and stretched out next to me for a snow angel of her own.  Then Caleb joined in.  It was unexpected for me to be acting so silly outside in the snow in the middle of the day when I had so much else to do.  It told them that they were more important than the dishes and the laundry and the phone calls I had to make. 

It’s a busy life with a lot of demands.  Homeschooling is a big job.  But doing the unexpected and breaking from routine now and then is a wonderful idea!  It put all of us in a good mood and renewed me for the rest of the day!  

I guess I did win a prize.

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