Choosing Good Family Movies

I know I’m pretty picky when it comes to what my children watch, but good family movies really work for me.   

We’ve always used Focus on the Family’s movie review site for …  well, every movie the kids want to watch.    I love how thorough they are in their description of the movie, allowing you to pick and choose which elements you want to be wary of as a parent.    As the parent, you have the ability to say yes or no to what they watch.  We have rejected many many movies after reading the review.  And for the movies we approve that have some objectionable content, we have the benefit of being aware of what will come up, so we can fast forward and/or have a discussion about the issue at hand.  

As parents, I love the ability to arm ourselves with the information and make the appropriate choice.  That approach works for me in all aspects of parenting.   We are the parents, after all. 

Last week, we had the pleasure of watching Ramona and Beezus.   I read the review on Plugged In.   This one had a different format and almost seemed a bit promotional (which means they really like it, right?), so I was excited about watching it. 

Beverley Cleary has long been a favourite author in this house.  Her chapter books were some of the first Gabe enjoyed and he’s enjoyed them a great many times since then.   Caleb doesn’t enjoy reading nearly as much as his older brother, but has told me he really liked the Ramona books.   

Ramona and Beezus was wonderful!  The spirit of Ramona was captured beautifully and her imaginative nature was a delight on screen.  I also understood very clearly why Gabe loved those books so much.  He felt a connection that spirited girl! 

I LOVED IT!   I loved it as a movie and I loved it as a tool for me, as a parent.  It was a wonderful reminder that I need to look at little differently at things sometimes.  Sometimes I need to look at them from the perspective of an imaginative child.   

For more Works for Me Wednesday, swing on over to and visit Kristen at We Are THAT Family.  You’ll love poking around over there.

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  1. Jen
    Feb 03, 2011 @ 05:25:46

    Oooohhhhh…..your blog looks pur-ty! I loved that movie too! We just watched it again last week.


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