My Baker’s Dozen

A carpenter has his tool kit, so does a doctor, so does the dishwasher repair man.  Though it doesn’t come in a neat little bag, I have a tool kit too, as keeper of the home.  

There are a lot of gadgets and gizmos in my home that I really love.  I mean, I don’t really want to spend my days with counter-height slop spread across my belly, but I suppose I could do without an apron.  I wouldn’t want to, but I could.     

Beyond the apron, I thought I’d share with you my baker’s dozen of favourite kitchen tools.  There are many that I love, but these are the ones I would choose if I had to only pick thirteen.  Oh, I tried a top ten list, but it was too difficult.  And large appliances have been excluded from the list because, well, they are in (almost) every house.  

I can’t possibly put these in any particular order, as they are items I use more than once each week, many daily.  But here are my top Tools of the Trade: 

13.  A sharp knife.   Oh, I’ve functioned in a kitchen with dull knives, but it’s just not nearly as pleasant.  Slicing effortlessly through a tomato with a non-serrated knife makes me happy.  It also usually makes me comment to the on-lookers with a comment that goes something like:  “See that?  Did you see how that sliced?”    It makes me happy.

12.  My spoons.  The tree sisters:  Miss Wood, Miss Ladle & Miss Silicone.  Miss Silicone gets teased a bit for her ‘fake’ bits, but she is one of the most loved. 

11.  My mixer.  It’s a thing of beauty.  It takes place of my hands for kneading bread and pizza dough.  I love it. 

10.  My steamer.    It gets used almost every day.   Fresh steamed veggies?   Sigh…   Lovely.

9.   My immersion blender.  I make a lot of soups and this little gizmo is the cat’s meow.  I’ve had it for 15 years now and it still purrs just fine. 

8.   My crock pot.  Even with its top handle is destroyed and I need to use a table knife to pry off the lid, I still love it.   Throw the food in, walk away, come back and eat.  Pretty perfect.

7.   My rice cooker is used 2-3 times a week and makes beautiful, easy, perfect rice every time.  I’ve used it for various types of rice and quinoa and I bet I haven’t scratched the surface.  I like to make rice when I’m making something ‘saucy’ in the crockpot because I can walk away from it while it cooks and then it keeps it warm for an hour after it’s done.  Yes, I could make rice on the stove.  But why would I want to?

6.   My Waffle Iron.  This was actually a gift to Caleb because he wanted waffles on his birthday one year and I refused to buy the frozen variety.  (Such a hard-ass, I know.)  It was the best under $30 I’ve ever bought.  We use it every week.   Sometimes more than once.   Deliciousness.

5.   My electric griddle was a gift from David and the ability to make multiple things at once has saved me countless hours of time.   When it’s on sale (because really, why pay full price for anything) I like to buy thick-sliced whole wheat bread for french toast.  Easy, delicious and cheap.   I’ve made tortillas on this puppy, and look forward to testing out Toni’s english muffin recipe too.  (I’ve been saying that forever, but one day I’ll do it.  Really!)

4.  My favourite big saucepan.  It’s heavy bottomed and deep and well loved.  Good for many many things.

3.  My pampered chef bar pan.  It makes perfect everything, (like this foccacia bread) and is especially good for things you want to hold warm for a bit (for this reason, nachos and pizza are best when the pan is just plunked in the middle of the table).

2.   My electric griller/ panini press is another great piece of equipment.   Um yeah.  That bread above turns into this.  Need I say more? 

1.   I know I said I couldn’t really rank them, but I do actually have a “number one.”  This tool of the trade is one that makes me happiest.   I know you’re with me on that one.   Come on.  Admit it. 

As much as I’d (mostly) love a simple (though hard) life like Caroline Ingalls, I really do appreciate my tools of the trade


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