Colour Coded Kids

Last year I decided to assign a colour to each of the kids.  Many a home educator does this, but it took me a while to clue in to the benefits.  No, it’s not difficult to read their names, but it is MUCH easier to have things colour coded; you know who owns the item at a glance from across the room, and fewer steps and less time for mom makes for a good system.  Period. 

Now, the kids each have a colour (our girl has two actually because many things often come in purple OR blue but not both).  We’ve been using the colours for binders, notebooks, cover pages, pencils, and any other thing we can think of.   But what I really wanted was to have colour coded cups. 

The cup situation in our house was pitiful.   There was a lot of that dreadful affliction known as “But-I-Don’t-Remember-Which-Cup-Is-Mine-Itis”, so it wasn’t unusual for me to have a dozen cups to wash each day.  I have three kids, people.  Only three. 

I searched high and low for small glasses that had bits of colour on them so I could colour code their cups as I had everything else.  After a year of looking at second hand stores, yard sales, dollar stores and yes, even ‘real’ stores, I couldn’t find such a thing.  Then I started to look for a special paint so I could add red, green and blue stripes to our existing dollar store glasses, but couldn’t bring myself to spend the small fortune for the multi-step tools to accomplish that feat … 3 times for 3 colours.  And who knows how long it would stay on anyway.  We tried rubber bands on them for a while, but it just became another step in another process… something we didn’t need. 

Then, one day before Christmas, the heavens opened up and the sun shone down on a small section of shelf at a local grocery store.  Small and sale-priced acrylicy-type cups in the colours I needed.  Yes, they were plastic, but they would do.  I was so tired of searching.

Now, we have 3 cups to wash each day.  Halla-Loo-Ya!   

I just read about this idea at one of my favourite homeschooling blogs.  It’s another cute approach to reducing your cup-washing if you’re not into colour coding.  🙂


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