Lovely Link: Homemade Art Supplies

I find exceptional joy in making things.  I think it’s beautiful to use your own two hands for the betterment of something.  I love to create, build, paint, write, bake, cook, even clean from time to time  (ha!).  

Yes, I am all for making as many things as possible within the my daily allotment of time.  Making your own _________________ (insert item here:  bread, art, clothing, furniture, art supplies, etc.) can be rewarding, educational, cost-effective, healthier, better for the environment, the list goes on.  There are lots of plusses. 

Aside from varying interest levels, the only real downside is time.  We all get 24 hours each day, and choose to spend that time doing a smattering of different things.  Whether or not homemade ________ ends up on our to do list, you have to admit that it’s cool to know that you can make your own homemade art supplies.  

I came across this post this morning and wondered whether or not I’d ever make any of them.  I’m intrigued by several, but really, only time will tell.  But since I get a lot of looky-loos on this site, perhaps one of you will try it out.  I just had to pass it along. 

Thank you to Tanya at The Homeschool Classroom for keeping such a great manilla folder over the past decade!

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  1. Tanya Taylor
    Jan 18, 2011 @ 21:04:56

    Hey, Trina! Thanks for sharing my The Homeschool Classroom post today! I am glad you did, since it led me to your lovely blog. I have very much enjoyed reading through it and will be subscribing.



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