Starting Over

I so enjoy being a Company Girl over at Home Sanctuary.  Rachel Anne gives us girls “small things” to do each day and it is really very effective in motivating me to find time to squeeze in one little thing five days a week.  As an added bonus, we award ourselves points during the month based on what we accomplish, and have a chance to win a prize.  I won a prize back in 2009!  What fun that was! 

Most things take just a few minutes, but they are things that make me feel a tiny bit better about the condition of my home.  Case in point:  Last week, I used Q-tips to clean the gunk in the rubber/ magnetic strip around the fridge door.  It needed to be done and took me only two minutes.  Thank you Rachel Anne. 

Friday’s ‘small thing’ was a bit bigger in nature.   It was big enough that we had all weekend to tackle it.  It was ‘starting something over.’   I had to think of something that wasn’t really working well, and start it over again. 

I decided to try a new approach to our ‘non-schedule’ for homeschooling.  I starting plotting out ideas on paper and came up with something that incorporates the main subjects, allows a spot for extra credit as I choose spontaneously, incorporates group time and independent time (language arts and math), and gives me a spot to write the specifics for the week, and mark it for the day it was done.  Then I opened up Excel and messed around with a new plan.  (OOOHHH…  I love making charts!)

Okay, so I haven’t filled it in yet (that will happen this am with my coffee) but… isn’t it purdy? 

We’re giving it a go this week.  Next week, we’ll decide if it’s something we’ll keep, tweak or toss. 

Here’s hoping.  

Here’s to starting something over.  

(And here’s to 50 points!  Woohoo!)

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