I’m a Piler, not a Filer

The desire to be more organized is a big item on my list of goals this year.  To be honest, that one’s on my list every year.  The good news is that each year I am a little more organized than the previous, so at least I’m headed in the right direction.   That’s what I’m telling myself anyway.  

Paper is a very big issue in this house.  On top of the regular family papers and papers the mailman brings, my husband is a Town Councillor (part time at least), plus we have papers from our various church initiatives and volunteer organizations.  I also have a business that requires a certain amount of paper.  (Receipts out the wazoo.  Ugh.  I hate receipts.  In a big way.)  However, I think the worst culprit of the paper situation here is the fact that we homeschool.  In addition to using paper every day… lots of it… the kids are almost always here at home to make things messier.  There’s not a lot of kid-free time here at Casa del Wacko, and we know what kind of a mess kids can make! 

Our lovely century home lacks storage, so that’s definitely a barrier and to make matters worse, I’m a piler, not a filer.  So what paper I do have ends up stacked in random piles rather than filed in the manner most people would consider requisite. 

Oh, I’ve tried all the ‘systems.’  I’ve bought colour coded files.  I bought a fancy label maker.  I bought the sticky-uppy tab things.  I’ve had filing cabinets, desk top hanging file systems, divided desktop file sorters, portable systems with handles that I can move as needed.  I’ve had years where I’ve prepared all the files the “right” way, with those fancy labels I mentioned, and have had them hang there, empty.  Indefinitely.  

For whatever reason, I can file my paid bills without a problem.  But all my other ‘active’ project files just suffer miserably.   I guess I don’t like pulling a file when I need it again…?  It’s not for lack of trying.  I just have a problem with it for some strange reason. 

In my season as a business professional, I had one of those vertical letter sorter type of thing that sat on my desk, empty, yet I had piles of paper on my credenza and on the floor all around me. 

The first step is admitting you have a problem. 

The second step is finding a solution.  So, rather than continuing to fail at my standard vertical files, I am embracing the piles.  I’ll be working with a pile system that works for me.  No point fighting it.  I know I’m good with letter trays.  They work for me, so I’m just gonna go with that for this year.   I so want THIS to be the year I get organized, and maybe my piles will help me get there.

Laura, over at Org Junkie has started a new challenge this year: 

It involves tackling one project a week, every week.  It’s what I wanted to do ANYWAY, but giving it a name and linking up with others adds accountability that I just didn’t have in past years, when I failed miserably at my “get organized” goal.  So this is it.  THIS is the year!!!!

For my first project, I have chosen this cute little antique dresser. 

It’s in our sitting room, the room where we do most of our school work.  Its drawers don’t get used anymore because they are crammed full of random bits of this and that.  The top drawer is a junk drawer.  It contains hair clips, makeup, old keys, some pens, loose change, probably lots of little things I’ve been looking for and unable to find.  The bottom two drawers are paper.  ALL paper.

This is the weekend I clean them out.  Just watch me. 

I’ll report back on Monday.  Me, and all my piles. 

Strength in numbers people.  Wanna join me ?  Swing on over to this post  at OrgJunkie to find out more.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sarah at SmallWorld
    Jan 16, 2011 @ 09:54:17

    I hear your paper-overload issues! I have a whole piece of furniture–a big one–in the dining room that is full of homeschooling materials that we aren’t even using and scrapbooking junk that I haven’t used in 5 years. I could have SO much more space (to put papers) if I would reorganize that!


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