Get… OUT!

I’m a big Seinfeld fan, so I can’t say that phrase (or even write it) without thinking of Elaine Benes.  Good grief, she cracks me up! 

But I say it today as a reminder to get outside and enjoy this beautiful gift of a world!  Sometimes we spend more time than we should in the cozy confines of our homes.  Sometimes, we just need to get outside a bit more. 

When we moved to this house, one of the major plusses was its location.  We could walk anywhere as a family, without issue.  We still walked at our last house too, and the kids did well going out, but complained the whole way back.  We did it anyway, but it certainly wasn’t as much fun as it is now.  It feels great being able to drive less.  It feels good to consume a tiny bit less of that oil on which we’ve become so dependent.  There is something really great about walking to the farmers market, the library, church, the grocery store, the mall, wherever.   It’s empowering.  It teaches our kids that you don’t have to spend money or get in your car and drive somewhere to be active.  All you have to do is get out.   Be active.  And start walking.  It’s dead simple.

Yesterday, we finally got our first real taste of winter here in our little piece of Nova Scotia.    The kids were out for hours in the afternoon, and after supper we enjoyed a lovely family walk in the dark… and a good old-fashioned snowball fight.  It didn’t require any money.  It didn’t require any special planning.  It didn’t require anything other than time together and clothing we already had… all of us in our full-on snow gear to take full advantage of the experience. 

It was beautiful and completely silent outside.  We chased each other as best we could along the sidewalks.  We fell into the snow (Eden yelling ‘cannonball!’).  We formed snowballs and lobbed them at one another.  We worked on the snow fort of the day.  We laughed and spent time as a family.  And those are the things that create the best memories for kids! 

Now it’s 8:30 am… a snow day here.  Homeschoolers don’t really have ‘snow days’ per se, but we’ll have a day with an extra injection of fun here, that’s for sure.  The children have completed their morning tasks (Morning High Five), and they’re outside again, coasting down the small hill in our front yard.   Later, we may bundle up and hike on over to the library to find a local bird guide to accompany our upcoming Science Lesson.  We’ll walk.  Because we can. 

More memories.   Get… OUT!    You make some too.

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