I wasn’t going to say anything about this issue at all, but I can’t get it out of my head.  It’s on my heart in a BIG way and when I read today’s request for a link up, I knew I had to share a few words, as inadequate as they may be.  

On Boxing Day, I got an email from my friend, Jen, asking if I’d heard the news about Edie.   Jen and I share a lot of similarities, and one of them is our love of a good blog.  Jen knew that Edie was my very favourite blogger and wanted to know if I’d heard.   Earlier that morning, I had seen that Edie had posted a prayer from the Lutheran Prayer Book until she could find the words to discuss her loss.  Edie was intentionally vague about it, and so at that time, I didn’t dig any further to see what had happened.  

But when Jen’s email later that morning told me that she lost her home and everything in it to a massive fire (and that everyone made it out), I broke into tears.  I was tearful for the rest of the day, and for a couple days afterward.   It was just so…  tragic.  I could not stop thinking about this woman I had come to care for.  I ached for her pain.  For her loss.  For her disbelief.  For all of it.   

On one hand it’s odd to feel so much grief for someone whom you’ve never met.  But on the other hand, I think it’s a remarkably beautiful thing.    God puts certain people in our paths according to his divine plan.  Edie is my sister in Christ.  She’s a true encouragment.  She’s a Proverbs 31 type of woman, virtuous and lovely yet the first to say she’s a sinner.  She’s touched me in a way I’m not sure she’ll ever comprehend.  Aside from a few comments and emails back and forth, I’ve not had any ‘real’ contact with her.  But ever since I read her blog for the first time (late 2008?), I knew there was something remarkable about that woman.    I know that is probably offputting for her to hear, but she is remarkable.  Beautifully and wonderfully made.

So much of what she says speaks to my heart.  I really enjoy following her life as an educator to her children and seeing the similarities and differences with my own homeschooling journey.  I like to read about the girls’ recitations (Jabberwocky was so great!).  I really take delight in stories of her family, but especially the raw, completely from-the-heart posts about her faith.  Her humility is infectious.   Her words stream together like poetry.  It’s beauty.

But the one post that really left a long lasting imprint on my heart is “Stitched in blue and broken for you…”.  I read it and re-read it more than once.  I commented about it.  I emailed about it.  It’s just so beautiful!   And it is indicative of the type of woman Edie is.  Loving, humble, honest, self-less, broken.  I love her.  Truly. 

Edie, it is my prayer (and the prayer of countless others) that you

maintain your focus when it all seems so blurry,

stay unshakable when you’ve been OH so shaken,

keep your eyes upward when you just want to shut them tight,

and march onward in love and humility. 

Draw nearer, dear child. 

May your birthday see you gathering up your loved ones and enjoying your togetherness, and the gift you know it is. 


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  1. patty
    Jan 06, 2011 @ 18:06:25

    such a wonderful post… you seem to know her well!! and your prayer is lovely.


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