A fresh first page in a brand new book.  

An opportunity to get a do-over.  

It’s silly, really, that we seem to think change happens best at this time of year, but I guess there is something comforting in the fact that so many people around the world are doing hard things right alongside you.  Maybe that’s the attraction; the support of others.

I look back at 2010 with fondness.  We had a wonderful year as a family, as homeschoolers, as Christians, as a church.  My word for last year, ‘contentment,’ was a true focus and my personal desire for it was largely fulfilled.  Joy was there as a sidebar, and was there a very good chunk of the time as well.  It took effort – some days more than others.  But it truly helped to keep those two words at the forefront of my mind as I worked and played through my year.  They really did make the tougher times more palatable.  And they made the easy times that much happier. 

I felt as though last year had me paying a bit more attention to the important things in life.  The priorities.  Clearly, this blog was not one of them, as I really struggled to keep up with it.  I was living life more than I was documenting it.  And I needed that. 

But how ’bout my fresh page? 

Well, I mapped out some Personal, Financial, Family-related, Home-related, Homeschool-related.  I broke them down into bite sized chunks and I am quite optimistic about the coming 12 months.  It’s going to be great.   

As for this blog?  Well, my youngest is now four (oh, the difference a year makes!), Christmas and a few other big things are behind me, and I feel as though I have somewhat more control over things this year.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll hang out here a bit more than I did in the past.  Finding time for my creativity is one of my personal goals, and writing is certainly one of my delights in life, so we’ll see how it goes.    I got that lovely email from the WordPress folks on New Years Day and was astounded by the number of readers that visited my 62 posts during the last 12 months.   I guess you think I have some interesting things to say, and that really makes me want to keep going. 

I should probably start with updating my lovely summer header.  It is wintertime, afterall.  I even skipped right over fall, even though I had taken so many beautiful shots with my amazing new camera.  Ah well, that’s what those fresh pages are for.  Right? 

I have been considering a “word” for this year as well.  I bounced around a bit, but one word kept rising back to the top every time my head tried to push it down.  It ties right in with my list of goals, which all require focus and … well, things to be scheduled.  It’s more a phrase than a word this year:   

Intentional Living. 

I am going to do things more purposefully.  I’m going to give more consideration to things before I do them, think more about what to say before I speak, think more about what to bring into the home, what to teach my children, how to spend my time, what to put on the table.  I thought about these things before, but now I hope to do them now with much more consideration than ever before. 

As part of this, I will attempt to see you around here more often.  In the meantime, my prayer for you is for the year ahead.  May it be filled with love, joy, contentment and intention for you and those you love.


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  1. Katie
    Jan 17, 2011 @ 15:50:28

    Welcome back! I was in a bit of withdrawl and am happy to see that you are back in action.

    Missed your wonderful posts. Happy New Year to your family.


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