My kids subscribed to the Lego catalogue months and months ago after much rigamarole over trying to figure out how to get the US publication in Canada.  Then, after about 15 weeks of “post-mail delivery freak outs”, it finally arrived.  It’s been dog eared and carried around and discussed ever since.  This happens at least once every day:

For a year or two now, the boys have pooled their allowance, birthday money and tooth fairy money to buy Lego and build their collection.  I love the creativity and longevity of those wonderful little coloured blocks. 

Last week, their great-grandmother gave them each $10 and they have had even more discussions about the merits and pitfalls of each of the lego sets in the catalogue.  Today, during their Lego-chat, our eldest (10) included a couple of little tidbits I just had to remember…

“Don’t forget, when we’re teenagers we can get summer jobs and then we’ll be able to afford all KINDS of Lego!” 


“When I get married, I’m going to make my wife’s RING out of LEGO!  Isn’t that Sa-WEET?   She’s gonna LOVE that!” 

Oh, the innocence!

I will share this on their wedding day.  Oh yes.  I will.


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