I Need to Kick my Kitchen-Laziness!


There’s something about fall that has me longing to get back in the kitchen.  Our summer here was GLORIOUS and I really spent most of my days outside and at the beach with my kiddos.  We had some crazy heat (like much of the rest of the world, it seems), but amidst all of this I became kitchen-lazy.  I mean UBER kitchen-lazy.  I haven’t even made a loaf of bread since June.  That’s saying a lot for me as I have been baking bread twice a week for ages now.   And we all know there really is nothing quite as good as homemade bread. 

Now the weather is cooler (great for all things kitchen) but I’m full swing into homeschooling and my fall work schedule (remember that part time design business I have?) and a pile of my own projects to complete before the snow flies.   Although I want to really get into full swing again, I haven’t really succeeded yet.   I’m cooking, but I want my old enthusiasm back.  I’m all about the bare minimum these days and I’m tired of it.  

I did make a dozen portions of meatballs a while back, and I’ve made a few great batches of autumn soups, but I’m really (REALLY) hoping that (the Canadian) Thanksgiving this weekend will kick my butt into gear.  

At the very least, Amy’s latest post  has me salivating.  Check out all those apple recipes!  Maybe that’s all the motivation I need. 

(I’ll let you know.)


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