Embracing the Tub-Scuzz

In my lovely old character home, I have a lovely old character tub.  It’s one of the oft-coveted cast iron clawfoot varieties.  We had it refinished when we moved in 4 years ago, and I’m hoping that with continued care and proper use of gentle cleaning products, we won’t have to refinish it again for many years to come. 

But it’s that continued care thing that might get me. 

During the ‘regular season’ it gets a weekly scrub and that is more than sufficient.  During the summer season (also known as the ‘schedules out the window’ season), it might get cleaned every 10 days or so.  BUT, it seems like 3 times a week wouldn’t even be enough. 

I was bellowing to myself recently about how nasty my tub was getting, yet again.  But then I stopped to think about why it was so nasty.  I can’t seem to keep up with it!

Why, you might ask?

Let’s see…

This month, we had the Big Ex here in our small town – for all my American friends, that’s essentially like a county fair with rides, horses and livestock, midway, 4-H demonstrations, etc.  (But no deepfried butter, I’m afraid.)  It’s a huge amount of fun and something that all the local kids look forward to all year long.  But you can’t attend without being covered in a fine dust; the kind you really notice when you take your sandals off and see the clean white skin under the straps.   That place is filthy! 

Six people came home for showers that night.  Scuzz.  And tub cleaning number one.   My mother in law was here, visiting at that time, so cleaning the tub right away seemed appropriate. 

Then of course, we have to consider the pile of soil in our back yard, awaiting some landscape work in the fall.  It’s a magnet for Littles, especially Littles in bare feet.  Oh, the fun they have out there!   And let’s face it, soil is SO much more fun than sand! 

Scuzz.  Tub cleaning number two. 

Then for good measure, we should throw in 4 days of oceanfront camping.  This gives us the most enjoyment of all, more soil from the campsite itself and a whole pile of sand and seaweed from the beach.   Of course, the overnight storm we had just made packing up that much messier.  A hot shower always feel so good after you’ve been camping. 

Scuzz.  Tub cleaning number three.  All within 10 days. 

I worked very hard to tidy the house as best I could after camping, and in the middle of feeling a bit discouraged about the sorry condition of my house, my girlfriend reminded me of something:

Clean House = Dull Life

How true! 

In less than two weeks, we’ll have more visitors.  I’ve promised myself I’m not going to clean that tub again until that time, no matter how scuzzy it gets.  And I’m good with that. 

So, while I will keep up with the dishes and laundry and some relative order around here, I will NOT have a dull life.  I’m going to live it outdoors while the weather is good.  I’m going to embrace the tub-scuzz! 

That, and the prepetually gritty floors.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Katie
    Aug 28, 2010 @ 16:48:23

    Nothing like some good tub-scuzz. Well said!!! I admire your priorities. 🙂


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