Time Keeps on Slippin’, Slippin’, Slippin’…

I can’t believe how quickly time flies.  People say it all the time.  Heck, I say it all the time.  But it’s so true, and it seems to slip faster and faster with every passing year.  Already, we’re in August.   AUGUST, People! 


Our summer thus far has been amazing.   We had a couple weeks of intense humidity (like everyone else it seeems), but aside from that, the weather here in Nova Scotia has been gorgeous.   Warm days + cool nights = a perfect summer in my mind.

We’ve had lots of work-related projects, several home organization projects, some garden-expansion, some home decorating and craft projects (more on that later), a couple of amazing VBS programs, time for two of the kids at camp, some great days at the beach, some visitors from afar.  We have more visitors arriving tomorrow and again later in the season.   And more updates to our home are expected between now and late September and I’m very excited for those!  

This week, I’ve started planning for our 2010-11 homeschooling year.  I always get really excited at this stage of planning because I just find it so…  fantastic!   There is so much opportunity to learn and get excited about learning!  And there are so many amazing curriculums out there.  It’s fun for me, each year, to kick it up a notch for the new “grades.”  I use the term loosely.  It’s a number that is assigned on the basis of age to appease the broader community, but we don’t technically have ‘grades’.   They learn at the level they’re at, which really means that I’m teaching Grades primary to Grade 7 at any given time.   But based on their age, the boys will be starting Grade 5 and Grade 3.  

This year we’ll be starting some biology and history, things we’ve only thus far skimmed as the interest dictated by the kids.  But now we’re moving ahead full force.    I’m excited!

All this to say… I haven’t forgotten you!  I can see that I am still getting LOTS of people visiting each day even though I haven’t been posting regularly. 

I will try to pop back here more regularly.  I really will try. 

I’ve missed you.

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