Livin’ The Good Life

This time of year, I sometimes feel the need to pinch myself.  Can it all be real? 

The sun is shining, the kids are running and playing, we’re all laughing a bit more than usual.  Except for those few rotten moments during the day when the kids are fighting, these days are simply glorious. 

But the moments of our good life become moments of our best life when we are keeping it all in check.  That happens when we remember what’s important (glorifying God) and what’s not (everything else).   During the times when I start to feel challenged, I just pause, pray and remember that this. is. temporary.  It’s just a tiny blip in the radar of a forever life with our Almighty. 

But during our time here, we will try to live it up as best we can to please our Father. 

We will be concerned for others – but not concerned about what they think of us.

We will give joyfully – and not expect a thing in return.

We will see the vibrant colours – even when our mood dictates gray.

We will speak up for those who don’t have a voice of their own – even when every ounce of our being wants to ignore the situation.

We will trust God’s plan for us – despite the fact that we rarely understand it.

We will love abundantly – even when the circumstances are questionable.

We will do the right thing – even when it’s the hard thing. 

We will be Livin’ The Good Life.


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