Spring Cleaning: Better Late than Never

Okay, so I failed miserably with my motivation and attempts to spring clean … weeks ago!   We did talk about it in school one day, and that was great (I’ll share that with you tomorrow).   But that’s as far as we got. 

Until now.  You see, now we are down to our summer homeschool schedule (1 hour of math/week + lots of reading, from now until mid-September).  With each morning free of school work, I have gained all kinds of time to play catch-up.   I think I should change the term “Spring Cleaning” to “School’s Out Cleaning”.  That makes way more sense for us. 

We spent 3 1/2 hours upstairs yesterday.  The boys worked on their room (ish) and E and I worked on hers.  When I say ‘worked on’ I mean my style of work.  I don’t mean my husband’s style of work, which is essentially to put all things into a pile and make it instantly look better.  I always appreciate his thoughtfulness and desire to help after one of his clean up projects, but at the same time I go a tad bit crazy on the inside because I know it means way more work for me than it would have been if I had just done it from the start.     Please tell me I’m not the only one with a husband who helps in such a manner…

No, when things are a mess, I really think there is only one way to tackle it properly.  Dump it all out. 

Yeah, I know.  And I only thought to take this picture about 20 minutes in to the task, so it was way worse than this at the beginning.  I dumped out 4 drawers of toys and shortly afterward, also dumped out the toy box you see at the bottom of that picture.  I had a number of containers around me for sorting all the items, plus a pile of laundry and a pile of books.   I had a basket of things to go downstairs, things that belong in the boys’ room, lego, doll things, teaparty things, dress-up things, etc, etc. 

We purged some books and toys, pulled out the dresser, bookshelves and bed to vacuum, dusted the ceiling fan, baseboards, cleaned the window and did some hands and knees scrubbing of the floors.  I even took an eraser to the pencil marks on the window sill and on the back of the door that followed a 3-year old temper tantrum back in the fall. 

E was keen to handle the heavy machinery vacuum. 

But then it was done and now it just feels so GOOD in there again!   It doesn’t take long to get messy, but I was guilty of not packing up some things that should have been packed up ages ago!  Swim diapers?  Baby monitor?  They had been sitting there, unused, for 2 years now.  

Now, E’s room serves as the template of motivation for the rest of the house. 

Next up?  The boys’ room.

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