Turning a Homeschooling Corner

“Try not to have a good time . . . This is supposed to be educational.”
-Charles Schulz

By observation, I could always see that my kids have enjoyed being homeschooled.  They never really came out and said “we love being homeschooled” but they certainly have commented frequently about loving the independent pieces of it – going where we want, when we want, baking, exploring, creating, playing games, fewer hours at ‘school,’ spending so much time outside, etc. 

For many years, they made many longing comments about public school, but only ever in the context of the playground.  They wanted the small portion of the public school day that included the playground at recess.

But a few months ago, they realized that our schooling at home is a lot like play.  We have turned a corner in this area and the boys have stopped commenting about the recess playground altogether.   They now make many regular comments of appreciation for their ability to learn at home, from the life that exists all around us.  They seek out learning opportunities on their own and I, as their teacher, let them run with it.  They are learning to learn, to be inquisitive, to seek answers.  That is the kind of learning I want to inspire and nurture.  

As it turns out, that is also the kind of learning the kids want.  (I know, go figure, right?)  Now they tell me frequently that they love being homeschooled.  And they want to be homeschooled indefinitely. 

I’m thrilled!

Now if I can just maintain my stamina, I’ll be good to go!


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