Homeagain, Homeagain, Jiggity Jig

I had a wonderful weekend of visits and the most relaxation I’ve seen in many years.  It was me.  Without my darling D and children.  I think I spent the first 2 days in shock that I was free of my Mama-duties for a short stint. 

There were tears and hugs and yummy food and late night chats over lovely glasses of wine.  I even managed to get a new picture with my sibs:

Me, Josiah, Shiloh – May 2010

And now I’m home, back to the chaos of life with a busy young family. 

I’m back to squeezes around the neck,

squeaky smooches from tiny lips,

bad jokes that are really funny because they don’t make any sense,

story time,



grass stains and socks that used to be white,

the smell of dirt on grimy hands,

all with lots and LOTS of volume. 

Oh, and of course bum-wipes.  Can’t forget those.

Works for me!  I’m HOME!   

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