Me and my Sibs, Josiah and Shiloh (Summer 2007)

We all need to escape from time to time.  I find that women (moms in particular) are so tapped out by the end of the day/ week/ month that they sometimes just need a break from it all.   But in reality, the demands of motherhood don’t allow much room for breaks.  Moms know that and all you homeschoolers out there definitely know what I’m talking about! 

So many women I know (my pre-motherhood self included) like to escape in their books.  That’s a great idea in theory but I just don’t have enough uninterrupted time for it.   And when I do, I’m so tired I fall asleep by the second page. 

Many women choose to travel with their spouses once or twice a year to get away from it all.  That idea is also a lovely one, but I have neither the budget nor the available childcare to make it happen with any regularity. 

So imagine my delight when my darling hubs suggested I spend some airmiles and hop a two-hour flight to spend five days (yes FIVE WHOLE DAYS) with my family!!!   I even resisted at first.  More than once.  It’s sometimes not easy to take something for yourself when you’re so used to being the giver.  Can you relate to that? 

But D surely does make me feel appreciated for all I do.  He insisted that I needed to refresh and recharge.  What a man!  (Hey, while I’m there, I can get take a more recent picture with my sibs – something we always forget to do.)   I’ve been so busy with school and work these last few weeks that I haven’t really had a chance to get excited about my trip.  But now that’s actually happening, I can’t believe it.  I actually get to enjoy 5 days without educating, making snacks, doing laundry, mediating fights and the like.  And I won’t have to wipe a single bum that isn’t my own. 

Escape.  Oh, the joys! 

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