Funday Monday

Mondays are notoriously a day of struggle.  Adults dread them, kids dread them.  When a weekend of fun is over, Monday seems to hit you square in the face.    And just when you manage to put Monday behind you and move on, it comes around to slap you again.

In my quest to count it pure joy, I have done my best to make the most of Mondays.  I (try to) maintain a joyful attitude but every now and then, all the effort I can muster doesn’t seem to be quite enough.   Every now and then, I just want to drop kick Monday straight into the stratosphere. 

But the fact is, as a homeschooler, I don’t have to view Mondays like everyone else.  I can make Mondays whatever I want them to be.    As someone who went through the public education system, I have to remind myself of that constantly.  Homeschooling is so much more than just schooling at home. 

So, out of the freedom that is homeschooling, ‘Funday Monday’ was introduced.

Now, typically, Monday includes breakfast, team tasks and then, well… FUN!   We do our devotionals, chat, read aloud from whatever book we’re reading together and fill the morning with educational games.   The one that gets the most use is Scrabble.  

I have long-coveted one of those grid-type Scrabble boards.  I dropped a ridiculous number of not-so-subtle hints over the years about wanting one of those lovely game boards.  But you see (and can perhaps relate?), my husband really, really hates Scrabble.  There was no way that any amount of hinting was going to result in that lovely game board. 

Instead, I bought  it myself last December and put it under the tree with a “to the family” tag on it.   Sometimes you’ve just got to take matters into your own hands.  Now, the game doesn’t end up partially finished in a puddle of tears because a certain 3 year old caused the tiles to slide all over the place.  It was $50 extremely well-spent, for that board sees between 3 and 5 games a week.  The kids have to add their own scores and track them on the white board.  On top of that, we sometimes add pieces of other games to boost the educational factor — as if spelling, vocabulary and math weren’t enough.  It might include bonus points for solving a trivia question or mental math question properly.   It’s been an amazing tool for school.  And the best kind of learning happens when the kids don’t even know they’re doing it. 

So here we are, Monday again.  The baked oatmeal is sitting nicely in our bellies.  The boys have emptied the dishwasher, tidied the foyer, made their beds, put their laundry away, gotten dressed and are now brushing their teeth (with a reminder, as usual — will they ever do that one on their own?).  In a few minutes, they will be armed with their dictionaries, debating whether or not ‘frenzy’ should have an ‘i’ (as in “friend”-sy).   

Thankfully, it’s a word I don’t use as often anymore… at least on Mondays.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Days of Grace
    May 17, 2010 @ 13:54:35

    We could have used a Funday Monday this morning at our house! I’ll have to remember this for next week. Thanks.


    • joyandcontentment
      May 17, 2010 @ 15:12:17

      We used to do more of our fun stuff on Friday (common for homeschoolers I think) but doing it this way has totally taken the sting out of Mondays. Fridays are usually great days, so they don’t need any help in that department. Good luck next week!


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