I washed our two favourite throws last week and they hung on the line for 2 straight days.  They were there partly because I wanted that lovely spring uber-freshness to permeate them, and partly because I was just too lazy busy to bring them in.

But for several days now I’ve been taking deep cleansing breaths while in the general vicinity of the said throws.  Sometimes I plunge my head into the back of the couch just so I can get a great big whiff of it.  I just can’t get enough of that fresh air smell.  Freshness REALLY works for me on Wednesdays, and on all days.

But it makes me think about all the other things in my life that could use a healthy dose of freshness.  I’m not just talking about the kind you can smell and see, but the kind you can really feel when you walk into a room.  I have some serious freshening to do!  I’ve had a long-standing urge to get organized here at Casa-del-Chaos and those cozy little fresh air-smelling blankets are pushing me closer to accomplishment. 

Sometime between now and Sunday, I will put together a plan.  A real plan on real paper.  A plan that brings more uber-freshness into my home — spring cleaning and then some.    I’m going to recruit the kids and get them taking ownership in the uber-freshness too.   I wonder if I can build a mini-unit around it for school…?    For Earth Day tomorrow, we will be picking up garbage in the community so that’s a pretty fitting start. 

Those throws and the accountability of this blog are wonderful tools.  

I am excited.  Oh yes.

Stay tuned.  I will update the process next week.   (See?  There’s that accountability thing again.)

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


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