Paperwork, Schmaperwork

In front of me sits a massive mountain of paperwork.  But it’s not just any paperwork, it’s taxes

Even though my business is only part time, I collect a lot of receipts in my line of work as a design consultant.   I’ve got receipts for tile, hardwood, furniture, faucets, lights, artwork, fabric, you name it.  There are a lot of receipts.  The good news is that I’m slowly making progress.  The bad news is that I seem to look for every possible distraction during this time of year, and blogging is one of them. 

So, I’ve decided to recognize my weakness for what it is.  (My husband will be stunned when he hears this one!) 

I’m going to have a blog-free week.  I don’t just mean my own blog, I’m talking about all the blogs I follow, about a dozen of which I pop in on every day.  I love having this blog and reading your comments, and hovering in the lives of all the moms out there with whom I have so much common.  But I’m hoping that this self-imposed motivation will help me get through my paperwork quickly and efficiently, without the temptation of the blog distraction.   And there is a lot of blog distraction! 

Can I do it? 

Only time will tell.  One week, to be exact. 

Or until my tax-related mountain gets passed along to my accountant for her part of the process — whichever comes first.

See you soon! 



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